Executive Summary

2023  Timothy Yates Heggen Humanitarian  Foundation. (TYH) Executive Summary

TYH Foundation Purpose
The Timothy Yates Heggen (“TYH”) Humanitarian Foundation is organized to (1) promote pancreatic cancer awareness, (2) support children facing threatening life adversities, and (3) nurture compassion, courage and community locally , nationally and globally..

TYH Foundation Background 
Timothy Yates Heggen died of pancreatic cancer at 18. Although young, Tim had a view and understanding of the world beyond his years. Tim believed that happiness is a product of compassion, and to be happy people and society must promote compassion through practicing love, patience, tolerance, and humility. During Tim’s courageous battle, he practiced compassion.  His family and friends decided to continue his practice and created this foundation to help others facing life-threatening adversities and also nurture a community that fosters optimism, strength, and compassion. The foundation was re-established in 2015 with support from Drake University Law Center. Articles of Incorporation under the Iowa nonprofit corporation statute were filed on September 30, 2015. The Corporation’s headquarters is in Ankeny, Iowa. All members serve as unpaid volunteers. Efforts of the board are directed at developing a fund-raising strategy and events to meet the TYH mission. 

TYH Foundation Activities 2020-2023 

Sukup Safe T Homes to Haiti Project Partnership with Go Serv Global
TYH began a new partnership with Go Serv Global and Sukup Manufacturing.  TYH is dedicated to building Sukup Safe T Homes in Haiti. Sukup designed and produces homes and storm shelters to protect families against earthquakes and hurricanes. At the 5th TYH Golf Classic in 2020, TYH raised $7500 to pay for building materials, shipping and building  one Sukup Safe T home in Haiti.  It was matched by private donor ($15,000 total donation)   and two homes were built in Haiti in January, 2022. In the fall of 2022, after the 6th TYH Golf Classic, TYH donated $22,500 to Go Serv Global and received a match of $22,500 ($45,000 total donation) and six  Sukup Safe Homes were built in November, 2022,. This was TYH’s 20th year recognition. In 2023, after the 7th TYH Golf Classic, TYH donated $7500 to Go Serv Global and received another match of $7500 and two more Sukup homes were funded .  As of 12/2023 TYH with the private match has raised $75,000 and helped build TEN Sukup Safe T Homes  is SW Haiti. This project fulfills the TYH mission of nurturing compassion, courage and community locally and globally.

TYH Partnership with St Joseph Emergency Shelter 
Starting in April, 2023, TYH began a new partnership with St. Joseph Emergency Shelter, that provides safe housing for 9-10 families. In Des Moines, there are only 22 rooms provided for homeless families and the waiting list often tops 100 families seeking shelter.  TYH is committed to providing groceries for breakfast and lunches for all the families. Groceries are delivered 2 times a month. Often other essential items are also provided upon request.  TYH is also committed to helping families during the holidays with wrapped  gifts of basic essentials and toys.  TYH has committed $5000 annually to help these families.

Pancreatic Cancer Research
TYH raised over $21.000 for Johns Hopkins’ Sol Goldman Pancreatic Research Center, whose efforts focus on early detection and DNA related issues. TYH donates annually to Johns Hopkins Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center and continues to advocate for pancreatic cancer early detection. In 2023, TYH donated $1000 following the 7th TYH Golf Classic. TYH has also supported local families facing adversity with baskets of food and gift certificates.

Tim Heggen Ankeny Baseball Classic
Ankeny High Schools Baseball programs have hosted the Tim Heggen Annual Baseball Classic to honor Tim’s legacy. Coach Hey has organized this event for 21 years. 4-6 visiting high school baseball teams from across the state compete.  Coaches talk about Tim and how to ‘Play It Forward’ with compassion and courage. Coaches and players’ feedback has been moving. Shirts, bracelets etc have been shared with teams.

Heart to heart international
“No More Thirsty Grant” Partnership with Save the Rain, Rotary International, and Ankeny Rotary: The TYH Foundation’s demonstrated a  commitment to helping Tanzanian children and families access clean water and food.  In 2021, Ankeny Rotary selected TYH as its International Cause for its Casino Night and donated $5300 to TYH for the Save The Rain “No More Thirsty” grant.  TYH’s donation was multiplied by a 5 times Rotary International match. ($31,800) It is helping to provide five Tanzanian villages with 50,000 liters of rainwater catchment and storage capacity for drinking and cookin, and permaculture gardens.

Take Yours Home Buddy Pack Program Partnership with DMPS Oak Park School
The TYH Foundation partnered with Oak Park Elementary (DMPS). Through 2020-2022 school years, 100% of students at Oak Park are eligible to receive free lunches. The TYH Buddy Pack program iwas designed to help students who battle hunger and adversity when not at school..   TYH  provided weekend food for an Oak Park student.  Vessel Golf donated backpacks.  During the 2020-2022, TYH donated $5500 to feed 20 students on the weekends.

The TYH foundation will continue to be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Its primary activities will consist of an annual fund-raising golf event engaging and benefitting the general public in order to meet the TYH mission.  TYH EIN 47-5195458