Local Impact

Take Yours Home Buddy Pack Program with Oak Park Elementary, DMPS.        The TYH Foundation began a new partnership in 2020 with Oak Park Elementary in Des Moines Iowa to provide food for students and families in need. 100% of students at Oak Park are eligible to receive free lunches. The buddy pack program is designed to help students who battle hunger and adversity when not at school. TYH is currently filling back packs of food on the weekends for 20 students but hope to expand the program to reach more students in the 2021-22 school year. $50/ month helps provide weekend food for an Oak Park student.  During the 2020-2021 school year, TYH will donate an additional $5000 to feed these 20 students on the weekends.

National Impact

Pancreatic Cancer Research. TYH has raised over $20,000 for Johns Hopkins’ Sol Goldman Pancreatic Research Center, whose efforts focus on early detection and DNA related issues. During 2020, TYH donated $500 to Johns Hopkins and continues to advocate for pancreatic cancer early detection and research.


“No More Thirsty” Save the Rain, Rotary International, Ankeny Rotary Partnership

The TYH Foundation’s continues its commitment to helping Tanzanian children and families access clean water and food.  In 2021, Ankeny Rotary selected TYH as its International Cause for its Casino Night Fundraiser. Ankeny  Rotary presented TYH President Jenna Lanning with a check for $ 5326 for the “No More Thirsty” grant.. . The money raised is going 5 Tanzanian villages  recommended by the Tanzanian Dept of Education (Sinai, Kandashe, Kikatiti, Surumala, and Nkamangasha and will help 23,000 people. Rotary grant total is $243,000.   TYH’s donation is being multiplied by a Rotary International match and will provide the following: Each Primary School will receive 50,000 liters of rainwater catchment and storage capacity for drinking and cooking. Each village will receive  30 residential rainwater catchment and storage systems of 3500 liters.

Sukup Safe T Homes and Go Serv Partnership

At the 5th TYH Golf Classic in 2021 TYH  raised $7500 to pay for building materials, shipping. This also covered building Two  (2) Sukup Safe T homes in Haiti during the spring of 2022. TYH received a 7500 private match donation , allowing a $15,000 donation to Go Serve Global.

 At the 6th TYH Golf Classic in July 2022 TYH raised $22,500 and received an additional  $22,500 private match donation. As such TYH was able to donate a total of $45,000 to Go Serve Global.  AS such Six (6) Sukup Safe T homes were built in the fall of 2022. 


The TYH foundation  will continue to be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Its primary activities will consist of an annual fund-raising golf event that will engage and  benefit the general public in order to  meet the TYH mission. Specifically, the TYH Foundation will:

  • Operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.
  • Collaborate with local non-profits (Rotary Ankeny) and other sponsors to raise funds to meet TYH mission 
  • Support children locally and globally facing life-threatening adversities (Oak Park Elementary, Save the Rain, Go Serv and Sukup Safe T Project)
  • Educate the community and collaborate with John Stoddard Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Center on early pancreatic cancer detection research